Why Peyton? Why?

Peyton Manning will  be the greatest quarterback of all time…. Statistically that is.  However, to be considered the greatest quarterback of all time in a list that includes Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, you must have the  hardware.  All these great quarterbacks have multiple championships under their belt.  Peyton just has one and his window of opportunity is shrinking and fast.

Tom Brady is still around so he will continue to challenge Peyton for a chance at another championship.  There is also great talent at QB now with Big Ben from the Steelers, Phillip Rivers from the Chargers, Eli Manning with the Giants and Drew Brees with the Saints.  Even younger with Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers with the Falcons and Packers, respectively; so needless to say, Peyton’s chances at multiple championships is getting thinner and thinner.

Peyton has a .500 record  in the playoffs.  People argue that it’s due to the lack of talent… may i remind you, he had Marvin Harrison to throw to for the first 8 plus years he’s been in the league.. he’s a first ballot hall of famer.  He also had Edge ( Edgerin James) to hand the ball to for most of his career in Indy. Now the argument could be made on the defensive side.  but again, he’s had Freeney and Mathis along with Sanders ( though he’s never played a full season since he’s entered the league)  Indy’s got Bracket manning their middle so I can’t agree with the “lack of talent” excuse.

However, there is something to be said about the coaching and attitude of the Colts.  Joe had Bill Walsh, Tom has Bill Belichick, Bradshaw had Chuck Noll, Troy had Jimmy Johnson and what did all these coaches have in common?  Intensity, Passion , a killer instinct if you will.  They were fiery, dedicated coaches, consumed by the desire to conquer all and be the very best.  you could see them on the sideline, screaming, cursing, yelling at their players and/or referees, they expected greatness from their players and wouldn’t settle for anything else.

This is the reason Peyton doesn’t have multiple championships,  not due to talent, but to coaching.  The Colts are the winningest team of the decade, yet they only have one championship to show for.  The Pats and Steelers are second and fourth on that list, respectively; yet Tom Brady has three and Big Ben already has two.  Unless the attitude within the organization and coaches changes ( like going for the undefeated record instead of sitting their starters ) Peyton will always be regarded as a consistent, stat compiling QB, but never as a Great QB.  The story has not been fully written on Peyton and I am still a big fan of his, but as I mentioned earlier, his window is closing.  He needs to have that killer instinct, that ability to be ruthless in the football field.  Forget about what people might think about you, this is your legacy Peyton, it’s time to take charge.   It’s time to claim your rightful place among the greats.


2 Responses to “Why Peyton? Why?”

  1. Steve Yong or Bret Frave two more greats brother.

  2. well, Steve Young and Brett Favre only won one championship. Steve’s career ended early due to concussions and Favre…well, who knows when he’ll retire. For the sake of argument, I defined “Great” as those with multiple championships.

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